Ziva is the best

Gibbs can keep the rest

Ziva kicks some butt

Gibbs listens to his gut

McGee likes Abby in the lab

She once ripped apart a cab

DiNozzo doesn’t like his Dad

But he’s not really all that bad

Abby has a tattoo

Kate says she has one too

Gibbs likes to slap DiNozzo in the head

And when he sleeps, the couch is his bed

Fornell is my favourite guy

If he questions you, don’t lie!

Off to Gitmo you will go

If you think it fun to kill a John Doe

Ducky likes to talk to the dead

DiNozzo wants to slap proby in the head

Poor Vance had a really bad day

Things didn’t go his way

Sec Nav had to go to town

While Ziva took the bad guys down

I like when the elevator stops

Fornell and Gibbs are great cops!

NCIS is the best show

Ask me why – I know!