George was looking for something.

ImageIt had rolled onto the floor during lunch, gone down the stairs and out the door. He was starving, having left the rest of his meal to find his lost meatball. He bungeed himself off the stool and onto the wood floor. Landing with a THUD on his big stuffy butt, George ran over to the stairs. Because George’s legs are really short, he has to throw himself down the stairs and hope his helmet will protect him. This time he landed on his head so he was okay. He bolted out the door and onto the icy patio. Being outside in the winter was perfect for George, as he wore skates and gloves all the time anyway. Looking around the patio, George became distracted by the group of penguins building a snow slide onto what used to be the grassy yard. “OOOO. What are you doing?” George asked the ring leader penguin, who happened to be wearing a Santa hat. The penguin, Alfie, answered, “we’re building world’s first  free standing snow slide made by penguin power.” George was thrilled to see something made of snow and ice but Alfie wouldn’t let him help because he’s not a penguin. “How about we change it to world’s first free standing snow slide made by stuffy power?” George asked Alfie. “Of course! That’s perfect! Come join us.” For the rest of the afternoon, George and the penguins worked hard to finish the slide.


Just before the sun began its descent to sleep for the night, the stuffies took a step back to admire their work. “Looking good,” Alvin remarked, “but it needs to be bigger”. “I’m still hungry,” moaned George.Image

The next day, George and many other stuffies joined the penguins in their massive build. Snuffles the polar bear took the job of bringing snow from the front yard to the back yard in the wheelbarrow, while Kermit the Frog kept everyone fed with carrots and milk from the kitchen. In the mid afternoon, the sun peered through the clouds and George yelled “time for a game of pick-up hockey!” Only the penguins and Snuffles joined him, as they had the right kinds of feet to be on ice. George grabbed some sticks from the garage and a ball to play with and very quickly the game got going. After one period, George had scored on his own net twice, while Snuffles had saved every goal at the other end of the ice. In the second period, George was in the penalty box for trying to start a fight with an imaginary meatball (“It was there! I saw it!”) and Snuffles managed to score from the net. It was 3-0 for the team with Snuffles, Alfie, and Nathan. As the third period was about the begin, Alvin yelled, “snowball fight!” and everyone took off. Penguins are pros at snowball fights, they quickly make a fort to hide in and fill it with snow and ice balls. Ice balls are not allowed in snowball fights but Alvin is a cheater so watch out.

Nathan won the snowball fight by a landslide and then everyone got back to work. By dinner time, the slide was done and work began on the steps. Kermit prepared a fabulous dinner of macaroni and cheese that filled everyone’s bellies. The penguins and polar bear spent the night outside, attempting to count every star in the sky. No one knew where anyone else’s count had started so they counted in circles for hours before finally going to sleep.

The next morning, George woke everyone up chiseling the steps out of the back of the slide. As the steps neared completion, Alfie got out the hose and sprinkled water on the front. It froze perfectly! The slide was ready. Nathan had the honour of going down first because he had won the snowball fight. He went down the slide so quickly that he flew out the bottom and hit the fence. Ouch! After that, Snuffles changed the angle of the bottom of the slide to make it fast but no longer dangerous. Alvin went next. Alvin is quite a bit bigger than Nathan so he went down the slide even faster than Nathan had. Good thing Snuffles fixed it! Alvin would have put a hole through the fence. Alvin finished with a big rush but he landed safely in the soft snow at the bottom. Penguin after penguin went off the slide, followed by George and then Snuffles. Snuffles loved it most of all; he had never been on a slide before and this slide was amazing! Kermit put on a hat and snowsuit and came outside for some fun after making everyone eggs benedict for breakfast.

The project was a smashing success and was featured on the Stuffy Channel’s “Biggest Biggety Builds of All Time” show. Nathan and the rest of the penguins started a construction company, specializing in building penguin-friendly backyard fun.