We went to the car wash because we couldn’t see out the windows

Mum put the coins in the machine and turned on the jet


Little did I know that once the car was covered in soap

We would be transported to another world


The car turned into a magic carpet

Lifting off completely from the ground with all four wheels


We flew over Calgary, looking for penguins

But none were to be found


We then dashed to a carnival and saw lots of clowns

But none of them had flippers


We soared through the mountains and saw lots of goats

But none of them had seen a penguin


We hovered over a lake and met many fish

They were thankful to have never met a penguin


After that we returned to the car wash

Disappointed that our quest had failed


As the car returned to the ground, the water turned off

Mum never even noticed we were gone!


And there in the back seat

Was the penguin we had been looking for the whole time!