The sky is blue

My hat is white


The time has come

To start a fight


It won’t be pretty

It won’t be nice


But sooner or later

You roll the dice


You move your shoe

Along the mat


Collect more rent

From an iron and top hat


Roll doubles three times

And go to jail


Do not pass go

Or get out on bail


Community Chest

Might give you a break


Win or lose $200

That’s the Chance you take


Light blue properties suck a lot

But the dark blue ones rule


Just don’t buy one of every colour

Or go bankrupt like a fool


Free parking is the best

And it’s in the corner space


If you get really lucky

You’ll own Boardwalk and Park Place


To buy a house and hotel

You need a lot of cash


Stop landing on others’ spaces

That digs into your stash


Railroads are a great bet

To make lots of money fast


But utilities are dumb and lame

The money there won’t last


Go big or don’t play at all

It’s better to go bust


Than to have bought nothing at all

And let your wheelbarrow rust


If you win it’s really awesome

But you won’t win, I will


Remember this is a fight

And I’m a Smurf. So chill.