After spending the night in the ‘clink’ (as George liked to call it), Hulky was eager to get out. Spidey had somehow raised the bail of 1000 foil wrapped chocolate eggs so Hulky was released, provided he didn’t try to skip town. Spidey felt this was a violation of his stuffy rights; he liked to skip all over the place, who’s to say he can’t? Geesh.

Once the dynamic duo got home, they began working on the case. It was troublesome because Smurfy had recently acquired a set of drum sticks from the Easter bunny and was spending all day drumming on Larry the turtle’s back. If Larry got annoyed enough, he tried to walk away but unfortunately for him, Smurfs are much faster than turtles. Eventually Smurfy moved on to banging on books, the walls, and the floor which was very noisy. Smurfy insisted on singing while he was drumming but the only song he knew was the theme to Super Mario Bros. Once that gets in your head, it just repeats over and over and over and over…

Spidey and Hulky decided to hire Rescue as their lawyer. Rescue is arrogant enough to be a good lawyer and he is very competitive; losing is not in his vocabulary. If he loses at a game (Clue is his favourite), he rips up all of the papers and declares a rematch.

The trio felt they could pretend that Hulky didn’t know it was the Easter Bunny as there has been a large number of untamed rabbits running around the city lately. Hulky and the other stuffies were just afraid for their own safety. Or so that’s what they would say. Unfortunately for Hulky, his bad temper got the best of him in court and he was sentenced to community service. He had to pick up all of the trashed Iginla jerseys, all of the Easter garbage left from the weekend, and sweep the streets of his neighbourhood. He was busy for a while but at least he was outside. He even convinced his best friend to help him, which is really handy when your best friend can pull up pieces of garbage with nets shooting out of his wrists.