George had just finished watching another episode of Arrow, and it inspired him to become a crime fighter, so he applied to the police force. His interview didn’t go very well: “What do you think is your greatest strength?” the officer asked.

“Well, I watch a lot of crime shows,” George replied, “so I know a lot about policing.”

“You do know that those shows aren’t real right?” the officer asked. George freaked out and attacked the officer while screaming “Ziva is real!!!!!!” After being bailed out by Smurfy, George decided to do things his own way, so he stole a Batman costume from Build-a-Bear and named himself BatGeorge.

His first night out as BatGeorge was better: he spotted a mugger and yelled in a raspy voice, “stop right there!” The mugger just kept running so George started throwing his BatGeorge a-rangs that were really just frozen pudding packets. He hit the mugger in the head with one and he fell over.

“Haha!” George yelled as he ran over and picked up the mugger.

“Who are you?” the mugger asked.

“I’m BatGeorge,” George replied and punched him; after that George went home and slept and dreamed about how proud Ziva would be of him tomorrow.

The next morning George turned on the news: “Reports of a 1 foot tall man dressed in a Batman costume beating up muggers surfaced this morning,” the reporter said. A different person appeared on the TV and said, “he said his name was BatGeorge.”