The home was flooded and the stuffies were evacuated. Not content to sit in a shelter and sleep on a cot, they decided to get out and be of help to the police. At first the police were not willing to have them help for fear of them goofing off and causing trouble but once they saw Hulky and Spee-I-Dee, they changed their mind. Hulky went to work building a berm to stop the flood waters from encroaching on the city’s biggest mall. Snuffles was thrilled as he had been quite concerned over the loss of high fashion and had spent most of the night going from store to store, getting all the clothes up off the floor and onto high shelves and racks.

Spee-I-Dee was a huge help to the fire fighters. He spun a web and hung from the news helicopter and rescued idiots that had refused to evacuate. He found one guy sitting on his couch playing video games so he handcuffed him with the controller wire and dragged him to safety, “Next time listen to the police!!” he yelled as he dropped the guy off. He then took the guy’s video game console and games and donated them to the shelter where dozens of kids were sitting around, bored.

Snuffles, being a strong swimmer, helped the fire fighters get the animals at the zoo to higher ground. He did very well with the penguins (with Alvin’s help to translate the language) and the moose, bears, wolves, and alligators but the monkeys wanted nothing to do with him. Monkeys are rather stubborn creatures and they are in an ongoing feud with Alvin and the penguins; they were in no mood to listen to a fashionable polar bear. Snuffles won in the end though; with Spee’s help they put all the monkeys into a banana net and flew them to a shelter for stubborn primates. Once the monkeys were gone, the rest of the zoo animals figured they had to go too, and they helped each other to get to higher ground. The gorillas took the peacocks on their backs, while the ducks went from cage to cage making sure all the animals were out.

Meanwhile, downtown, Hulky went to work with the fire fighters. Using the bull horn, Hulky yelled at people who were approaching the river to take photos: “You don’t want to see me angry!” Spee swung by and grabbed everyone that was not listening to the fire fighters, telling them they were lucky he didn’t let Hulky get them. Hulky continued to work through the night, building berms and laying sandbags and helping the police. Hulky LOVES using the bullhorn and once he had it, he refused to give it up.

If you live in Calgary in an evacuated zone, you better get out or the Hulky will getcha.