After watching coverage of the flooding this morning on BT Calgary, the stuffies noticed that people were having trouble getting across the river. Since the river almost divides the city in half, getting across it was an important way to help supplies and people get where they need to go. They knew the bridge had to be quite high and wide in order to keep everyone safe from the rising water so they first drew up a plan.Image

The plan involved a massive amount of rather large Lego bricks, stale marshmallows, Smurf juice, and banana peels. First they went to work in finding a suitable spot for their bridge. They looked down by the Stampede but there was no place suitable to anchor the bridge. Then they looked over by Centre Street and found a good spot within walking distance to a toy store and a comic book store. Image“Perfect!” Smurfy declared and went to his truck to find his bull horn. “Attention everyone! We are building a bridge. Please stand back!” With that, the stuffies unloaded all of their supplies. This involved a lot of standing on heads as no one was tall enough on their own to reach the bed of the truck. “Next time rent a truck with a lift, Dim Wit!” George barked at Smurfy, who was now standing on the top of the truck yelling at passers-by.

Snuffles used roasted marshmallow skewers and sticky Smurf juice to tie the marshmallows together to create the bridge deck. ImageHe chose marshmallows to give the deck some softness to cheer people up and to allow the bridge to move a bit to adjust to the weight on it. Snuffles was concerned about people wanting to eat the marshmallows (who doesn’t love eating marshmallows?) so he painted them blue when he was finished. Smurfy wasn’t amused when Snuffles told him that nothing appealing is blue. If you’re worried about the bridge caving in, don’t be; the marshmallows were big enough and stale enough that when he put them together it was as strong as a stone arch.

It wasn’t enough to just have a bridge deck so the stuffies went to work to build handrails to prevent people from falling off. To do this, they took all of the Lego in the house and threw it in the truck. ImageThen they used smurf juice and banana to stick the first layer of Lego to the marshmallow deck. After that, they built up the sides of the bridge with brightly coloured Lego bricks. They put in a few clear bricks to allow light to pass through and added a pedestrian walkway so that people could safely look at the water without falling in.

Once the bridge was up, the stuffies took and break and went to the comic book store. First on the list was to read the new Batman!