“Red!” Smurfy yelled and jumped, turning around to face the other stuffies. They all stopped. All except George, that is, who was unable to stop quickly in his skates.

“George! You’re out!” Smurfy turned around to face the closet. Leaning over he saw an Indigo.ca gift card on the floor and tucked it into his pocket. He could buy a comic book later. The other stuffies were all standing on the floor, facing the closet and Smurfy. Oops, he was busted. Blushing, he put the gift card back on the floor.

Today was another snow day and the stuffies were trying to entertain themselves by playing Red Light, Green Light.

“What about now?” Snuffles yelled at Smurfy near the opposite wall. He was only ahead of George but he had a strategy, slow and steady wins the race.


“There is no orange you blue donkey,” Rescue howled from only about a foot away from Smurfy’s back.

“No talking!” Smurfy yelled back.


Then a second later, “Red! Ha ha ha you fools!” Smurfy caught Rescue and Hulky running towards him, full-speed. They walked to the back of the room, heads hanging low. Snuffles grinned at his own cleverness.

“This is boring,” Red Bull snarled. He refused to play so he was sitting against the wall. The room was empty due to painting and most of the stuffies were enjoying their freedom but Red Bull preferred the comforts of the bed.

“It’s….. Yellow! No, it’s RED! No! It’s GREEN!” All the stuffies started moving, slowly at first, and then more quickly. Even George risked moving again.

“Blue!” Smurfy yelled. No one stopped moving.

“I said blue!” Smurfy snarled.

“What does blue mean?” Rescue asked.

“It means stop, turn around, and head back to the wall.”

“That’s not fair!” Snuffles screamed. He had been pleased with himself getting as far as he did.

Everyone sighed and headed back to the wall. Then George had an idea.

“Purple!” George yelled from the back of the room.

Smurfy turned around. “What does purple mean?”

“It means YOU ARE OUT!” All the stuffies replied.

(Written in response to today’s daily prompt)