Snuffles got up early this morning to work in the kitchen. He got out all of the knives, measuring cups, spoons, and spatulas, but was having trouble turning on the stove. He snuck back into the bedroom and woke up Kermit to help him. Kermit wasn’t quite ready to be awake yet and when he turned on the stove he accidentally lit a box of chocolates on fire that were left over from Easter. Next time maybe George will be more careful with where he leaves his treats.

Snuffles had read an article late last night about canning and how so many people are now doing their own pickling and canning at home. So first thing this morning he got up and grabbed the jar of pickles out of the fridge. He also found a Kit Kat bar left over from Easter and decided that it would be a good thing to pickle. He knew the boy would appreciate it when he got up because it would make his chocolate bar last longer.

Snuffles knew that a pot of boiling water was necessary for canning so he got that going first. Then he put the jar of pickles into the water. Nothing happened, except that the label got wet and started falling off, so he opened up the jar and dumped the pickles into the water. They just floated in the water looking gross so Snuffles told Kermit to turn the burner off. Once the water stopped boiling Snuffles threw the chocolate bar in with the pickles. Now it looked really gross. The chocolate melted into the water making it a yucky brown and green colour with floating bits of wafer on the top. Snuffles knew the boy would be upset when he woke up so he quickly threw everything out. Then he sat on the floor beside the garbage can hoping no one would notice what he did. Unfortunately for him, the garbage can was not designed to hold hot water and it started leaking. Soon Snuffles had hot brown water all over himself. He was doomed.