What. Is. Going. On. Here. George couldn’t even yell, he was so perturbed. Snuffles was sitting on the floor surrounded by pieces of fabric and George could tell that Snuffles had cut up two of his hockey uniforms. Snuffles didn’t even blink when George entered the room, he was completely confident in what he was doing.

“Oh, hey George, Iā€™m making flags.”


“Out of my hockey uniforms?”

“Yah, isn’t that great? Finally I found a use for them!”


George stomped out of the room and started throwing things randomly. He found a quarter on the floor and threw it down the hallway. Then he went to the bathroom, opened the box of Q-tips and threw them into the full bathtub. Smurfy came in, wrapped in a towel, singing a Smurfing song as he prepared to take his evening bath. He jumped a foot in the air when he saw the Q-tips floating in the water.


“What the Smurf is this?”

He looked around for someone to blame but George had moved on to the kitchen where he sat in the pantry eating Oreos to calm his nerves.


Smurfy found a strainer in the kitchen drawer and removed all of the Q-tips out of the bath water. By the time he was done, the water had cooled off and he had to turn on the hot water again. His good mood had turned sour. Instead of relaxing in the bath, he took two toy boats and had a naval duel between Lord Horatio Nelson and the French Navy. Nelson won, of course, but not without a rather large amount of water being spilled on the floor.

Leaving the tub full of water, Smurfy started throwing things in to see what would float and what would sink. He noticed that paper floats until he balls it up and then it sinks. Cork floats but rocks sink (and dent the tub). Smurfs sink unless they kick a lot and then they still sink. He used up most of the pepper cracking it onto the surface and the dabbing the water with dish soap to make the pepper run away. “Run pepper! Run!” Smurfy yelled. By the time Mum came into the bathroom, the tub was full of toys of food and it took a long time to clean up.