Smurfy liked to sneak out of the house when he thought no one was looking and do some gardening. The family had noticed some unusual things recently and figured Smurfy had something to do with it. For example, there were a few flowers planted upside down, with petals in the dirt and roots sticking up, reaching for the sun. There were also curious incidents of random household objects being planted, perhaps to see if they would grow into more. One day, there were eggs – raw, hard-boiled, and some were just shells, sitting there in the dirt as if a baby chicken had just crawled out. The next day, there were socks, and after that there were books, DVDs, chocolate bars and milk cartons.

Every day Smurfy went out to the garden, pulled weeds, and watered the ‘plants’. Every day the garden smelled and looked a little worse. And then the squirrels started digging up Smurfy’s things and spreading them across the yard and street. If you know Smurfy, you know that he doesn’t enjoy it when others touch his things so he didn’t take too kindly to the naughty squirrels. One night he stayed up, outside, with his new Nerf sniper gun. He covered himself with grass and dirt and lay in the yard. When he saw movement near his garden of treasures, he started shooting. He continued to shoot until his barrel of foam bullets was empty, then he slowly moved towards the crime scene. Over by the garden, he saw Alvin and Snuffles with a metal detector, digging up the garden with great frenzy. There were eggs and treats and toys everywhere.

“Dig faster!” Alvin yelled. “I’m going as fast as I can,” Snuffles barked in reply. Smurfy was mortified. It wasn’t squirrels, it was those gold digging cold weather ding-dongs! Smurfy ran, tripping over the bullets that had only gone a few feet in front of his gun, and dove into Alvin but he missed. Smurfy tripped over the garden wall and fell, head first into the dirt. Alvin and Snuffles turned on the hose and sprayed Smurfy, laughing their heads off. Drenched in ice-cold water, Smurfy dragged himself inside and found a towel. He was going to have to call Velveteen, apparently rabbits know a lot about gardening. Or maybe he should find a badger…