It wasn’t until the next morning that Kermit noticed the pool of liquid on the kitchen floor. The way the sun hit the floor it was obvious that the penguins had been in the kitchen the evening prior. Kermit sighed and grabbed the roll of paper towels. As he tried to pull off the first few towels, he noticed they were stuck together. He grabbed the roll and just rolled it back and forth in the wetness. Once he thought he was done, he pulled the roll up and the puddle remained the same. The sun shone into the puddle, egging Kermit on while he stared at it, wondering what to do. He found a cloth in the cupboard and tried to use that soak up the liquid. While he tried unsuccessfully to soak it up, Kermit realized it was Smurf nectar all over the floor. “No wonder it won’t soak up!” he croaked. He yelled for Smurfy to come and wipe it up. Smurfs have to mop up nectar with their feet because it’s magical and can’t be absorbed by other means. If you look closely at Smurfy you will notice a yellow stain on his shoe. It’s been there since he was one day old.

As Kermit and Smurfy were occupied with the puddle, no one noticed that the penguins had gone outside with shovels and a bow and arrow. They stacked on top of one another to get the door open and then left it open, as penguins do, and wandered outside. They knew to stay away from Smurfy’s garden so they headed out to the grass. Panda was out there trying to dig a hole to China with shovels and cups of tea but he didn’t budge when the penguins brushed past him. Alvin used the shovel to start tearing up the grass and then the penguins burrowed underneath. It looked like a giant worm creeping around the yard. All of a sudden Nathan yelled, “NOW” and arrows started coming out of the grass and one by one they landed on Panda’s butt cheek. “Yeeeeee-ow!” Panda yelled and ran, spilling his tea all over his pants and the grass.

The next day Panda was washing his pants when he looked out the window and noticed a tiny tree growing in the yard with tiny tea cups hanging off the branches.