The stuffies heard about these things called “Family meetings” and thought perhaps it would be a good idea for them to hold one. The humans talked too much already so they were not invited. Rescue, Snuffles, George, Smurfy, Spee and Hulky came together to discuss several issues relating to their present quality of life. As per the meeting guidelines, which they overheard at the playground, the meeting had to start with compliments so they went around the circle. Rescue was first.


“I would like to compliment myself on what a great voice I have,” Rescue said to everyone, nodding up and down. “You’re welcome.”

“You’re supposed to compliment someone else you dumb dog,” Spee replied, and then added, “I would like to compliment Smurfy on not staring at me as he usually does.”

“He can’t stare at you because he’s staring at me,” Rescue added, beginning to itch his belly with his hind leg. “Anyway, I thought we were supposed to be complimenting me.”

Ignoring Rescue’s vanity, Snuffles decided to get things back on track. “I would like to compliment Hulky on his perfect purple pirate pants.”

“Why thank you Snuffles,” Hulky replied, “and might I say you’re looking rather beige today.”

“What? That’s not a compliment. Polar bears are white!”

Before a brawl started George remarked, “I was told there would be pudding here. That’s why I came.”

“Sorry, pudding is not on the agenda,” Spee replied while looking down at the tablecloth and pretending there was an agenda there.

“I would like to get my own room.” Smurfy felt it was time to get down to business.

“You’re not getting your own room ding-dong. Now, about the pudding…” George’s stomach began to rumble. He reached over and grabbed a banana from behind Spee and started eating it while Spee fell flat on his back. Next thing anyone knew, the six of them were caught up in spider webs along with a few bananas and tomatoes.

“Meeting adjourned!” Rescue yelled as he worked to untangle himself. “That’s what I get for dealing with peasants!”