After a long bus ride that took them around the city and back to the backyard, the stuffies were glad to be off the cheese wagon. They grabbed all of their stuff and headed out for cabin assignments. Smurfy felt he would rather eat than be in a cabin so he tried to sneak off to the kitchen but he was sent back by a rather bossy cook that was busy trying to make soup out of last year’s leftovers. Hmph.

Hulky and Venom

Hulky and Venom were assigned to Cabin Smash. They ran as fast as they could to the door of the cabin and then pushed at each other until Hulky smashed through the door frame and got into the cabin first. There were no beds inside so the two of them had to sleep on the floor.

Little guys

George, Jokey, Cap and Spee were then assigned to Cabin Floaters which is out in the lake. Cap does not care to swim but Jokey is good at magic so he brought the cabin to the shore to get them nestled inside. They had to make their beds out of old life jackets.

Smurfy and Snuffles

Cabin White belonged to Smurfy and Snuffles, who is not amused that Smurfy is riding him like a bull. With the Stampede only a few days away, Smurfy got into the spirit and donned one of the boys’ cowboy hats and insisted on riding Snuffles to the cabin. By the time they got there Snuffles fell asleep on the porch leaving Smurfy to have the whole place by himself. He didn’t have a bed either but he did find a can of blue paint.

After the cabin assignments, the stuffies gathered around the campfire and sang Maroon 5 songs until they fell asleep.