The Stampede is over for the year and the stuffies remain in a junk food coma after eating scorpion pizza, mini donuts, corn dogs and fiddlesticks for the last ten days. Normally they wouldn’t have gone to the fair more than once or twice but with them being away at camp, Rescue got them all jobs with the Superdogs show so they were there every day. Smurfy even rode the giant ferris wheel which was terrifying for him since his eyes made it feel like the wheel was constantly tipping over.

George liked the gun fights and he was convinced every time that someone was actually going to die and every day he gasped and covered his mouth as if watching a terrible tragedy. At one point he had to be asked to leave because he was hyperventilating so loudly. The next day the stuffies attended the hypnotist show and George was able to let go of his fear a little bit. The only problem is that now he starts barking every time he hears the word “cheese”.


None of them would even walk by the My Little Pony show, they said it was revolting because they all talk in baby talk. Snuffles enjoyed the cooking demonstrations inside and spent all of his earnings on new mops, window cleaners, and pots and pans supposedly used by Gordon Ramsay. Cap and Venom managed to win a stuffed animal, a dog, which they have now quarantined for two weeks. “You can’t trust amusement park stuffies,” they tell me which is interesting considering they both came from Universal Studios.


By far the best part of the Stampede is seeing the marching bands perform. They’re so loud and the stuffies find it quite hilarious when they wake a sleeping baby. All in all the fair was a huge success and the Superdogs show sold out every time (“You’re welcome,” says Rescue).