The stuffies were hot. Really hot. There had been no break in the heat for many days and camp activities had gone from dance, crafts, and obstacle courses to sitting under the sprinkler. Everyone decided it was time for something new. Rescue took a dozen juice boxes and put them in the freezer to make juice pops. Then he brewed two dozen litres of Smurf tea and put it in the fridge to cool for tomorrow. Now it was time to turn camp into a pirate hideout. Rescue got George out of bed and the two of them started ripping at bedsheets and curtains to make them appear tattered and torn. Then they gave each cabin a pole and a piece of fabric to make their own pirate flag. Hulky, wearing perfect purple pirate pants already, got up to help with the costumes. But what they really needed was water.

Rescue created an Archimedes screw to bring water up from the lake to the sprinklers and George hired some birds to fill buckets to dump on the campers’ heads at random intervals. The lake water was very cold despite all the heat, that was the bonus of camping in the mountains.

When the campers awoke, there were sounds of jeering and fighting. Rescue and George had staged a full out pirate battle in the courtyard complete with swords, peg legs, and stale, hard biscuits. Snuffles ran around yelling and throwing the biscuits and Venom and Cap tried to sell the campers Vitamin C, telling them that Scurvy killed more pirates than fighting. After the fight was over, everyone drank Smurf pee tea and jumped in the lake. Lucky for them, Rescue and George had set up the trampoline on buoys on the lake so the campers spent the rest of the day jumping on and off the trampoline.