Last night the stuffies did the first reading of Othello. Smurfy was thrilled to be cast as Iago while Nathan gets to be Othello. In order to get into the time period and language, Nathan ran off from camp last night to catch the Shakespeare on the Bow production of A Comedy of Errors. He quite enjoyed the nonsense of it all and felt that Othello needed to provide a few laughs of its own.


When Nathan got back to camp, he found Desdemona (played by Alfie, who is a boy, but he’s okay with it because that was the way in Shakespeare’s time) and the two of them went to the campfire to plot against Iago. Smurfy thought he heard rustling in the trees so he got up to see what was going on. He stumbled over a log and fell on his big nose so instead of finding out what was causing the ruckus, he sulked back to bed. Meanwhile, Nathan and Alfie had completed their plans.

Not being ones to spend any time rehearsing, the stuffies decided to perform the play this afternoon. They charged everyone two roasted marshmallows for admission and then the audience took their seats on big logs that had been placed in rows by a field. George, who had not been given a role (he’s still mad) took on the M.C. position and welcomed everyone. Then he told them that Shakespeare was a dope because he makes no references to pudding or the new baby Prince George in any of his plays.

The play began well – everyone performed their roles flawlessly. There were occasional murmurs in the audience when words were mispronounced and Smurfy had this bad habit of yelling, “Sblood,” for no reason at random times but other than that it was good. Intermission involved Cap and Venom selling river water, “looks like root beer, tastes like mud,” and George asking people for pudding cups.

The second half did not go so well. Smurfy had realized that Iago was the bad guy and therefore likely to die or go to jail so he started lying. Little did he know that Iago lied all the time anyway so no one noticed the change. Alfie and Nathan then put their plan into action. When it came time for Desdemona to die, she instead confessed her love for Iago, telling Othello that Cassio was really in love with Iago’s wife Emilia. Othello flew into an angry rage as expected but his rage was directed now at Iago, not at Desdemona. Nathan and Alfie jumped up and ran Smurfy down, yelling at him and throwing marshmallows at him. This angered Snuffles who hates to see marshmallows wasted so he joined in on the fight. Meanwhile, George looked on, happy now that he hadn’t been included.