Smurfy was bored so he took the car out for a test drive. He’s not able to reach the pedals so he hired the penguins to control the gas and brake. The problem with penguins is they don’t know their left from right and they rarely listen to directions. Find me a penguin that reads the directions before building something and I’ll show you a pig that can fly!

With Nathan on the brake and Alfie on the gas, Smurfy managed to get the car out of the garage with just a few scrapes along the passenger side. He rolled down the window and started sniffing for ice cream. The penguins started fighting over who should get to push down their pedal so the car abruptly stopped and accelerated over and over again. Smurfy had a hard time steering around the cars in front of him and there was a lot of squealing of tires. A lot! The penguins even thought they heard a pig.

Finally they found a grocery store but then on closer inspection they discovered it was closed. The penguins were starting to get hot so they turned up the air conditioning and set it to just their feet as they headed out to find another store. The mall was no use – they just had clothes and other useless stuff there. They drove for twenty more minutes until they found another grocery store with a large freezer. The penguins went into the freezer to cool off while Smurfy found ice cream. He smurfed for several minutes until he finally settled on some Neapolitan. Nathan thought it was called Napoleon so he okayed the flavour choice. The stuffies got back into the car and headed for home. They forgot the way and since Smurfy can only turn left, it took them over an hour to get home. By that time the ice cream had turned to liquid so instead of eating it, the penguins and the Smurf had a bath in it.