Once upon a time

There lived a noble baby

His name was Prince George

He went out in his stroller

For walks in the park with Mum


He ate healthy food

And dressed in beautiful clothes

Everything he wore

Became fashion  sensation

Even if he pooped in it


He traveled the world

Met some wonderful people

And they gave him gifts

His favourite was at the zoo

An animal just for him


George couldn’t touch him

Lest he might get a bad bite

But that’s what happens

When you get a crocodile

For a first birthday present


When George turned twenty

He was ready to be king

His great-grandmother

Had been queen for much too long

She was a century old


George knew he was third

In line for the British throne

And rather than wait

He went to his crocodile

Who was now king of the zoo


George the crocodile

Was glad to meet George the prince

Together they swam

And ruled over the kingdom

At the Australia zoo


Four years George stayed there

Until George bit his butt cheek

Then he came back home

And pretended to be king

Until one day he was crowned


King for just one day

George died the very next day

At the time he died

His crocodile shed a tear

And was never seen again


George wrote this poem for this week’s writing challenge but Smurfy added the last stanza without his approval. Now with the news of a new royal baby, George is not in the best of moods.