When Kermit got up early this morning, he stumbled across George, who was lying on the floor tangled up in the TV cords. Kermit asked him how on Earth he got tangled up like that but George just replied, “been there, done that.” Kermit shook his head and went upstairs to make himself some banana waffles. George sighed. He was grateful that he hadn’t been caught but mad at himself for cutting it so close.

You see, George has a secret power that no one knows about: He can go in and out of the TV whenever he wants. Most of the time he watches hockey games, but sometimes he goes to The Tonight Show, which is what he was doing last night. He really wanted to meet Bradley Cooper so he could find out how he turned into a raccoon for Guardians of the Galaxy. George had forgotten about the time zones though, so he arrived into an empty studio two hours after the show finished filming. He ran around the studio yelling, “Hoopty hoopty hoop” until he decided to leave and hop around from channel to channel. George was super excited when he found himself on the local morning show and he was oblivious to the fact that it was now morning. While the weather guy was doing the airport delays and cancellations, George ran around in front of the green screen with his arms outstretched making airplane sounds. He even managed to get away from the security guard by yelling, “look at that!!” and running the other way. After the weather, the screen switches to traffic, and George had a great time bobbing his head up and down into the cars yelling, “help!” and pretending to be hit in the head with a truck. This time he was almost caught so he ran out of the screen and back home, where Kermit found him a few minutes later. “I really need to work on my landings,” he sighed, and went upstairs to make pudding.