George spent most of the afternoon licking a popsicle. It was a birthday card shaped like a popsicle that was covered in red, yellow, green, and orange dots that just made it look more appealing to George. He’d been licking it ferociously since we got home from brunch five hours ago and he was starting to lose his mind. The snow had been falling for almost 24 hours and the sun was now gone despite not being seen all day. George thought it was cheating that the sun left without saying hello but the sun didn’t care about George. George just sat on the eating bar slapping his popsicle on the counter trying to get some of the sprinkles off. “Argh!” George yelled, tired and starving and wondering where the day went. He tried to get up but then he looked back at the popsicle and went back to licking it. Snuffles found him the next morning, asleep, with his face stuck to the back of the paper popsicle that was now wet with George goo. The front of it, however, remained the same, with no sprinkles gone.