Twas the night before pudding

When all through the fridge

No milk was stirring, not even a smidge

The condiments were placed in the door shelf with care
In hopes they would sleep with no stuffies in there

The children were sleeping beside the big tree
With dreams of an Xbox and maybe a Wii

And George in his helmet and Smurfy in his lap
Had just got out of bed. No time for a nap.

When back in the kitchen pots and pans fell
It was a miracle the boys didn’t yell

Away to the fridge George skated with glee
“It’s pudding time for everyone!” he yelled with Smurfy

The milk in the door of the fridge lay still
Reflecting the fridge light onto the windowsill

“Get out the cornstarch, and grab me a beer!”
But Smurfy knew better, and found a root beer.
With a Smurf in the kitchen and a George on the shelf
Someone might have thought they were Santa’s elves.

The boys gave a stir and George almost fell
But Smurfy caught him and noticed the smell
“The milk has gone bad! It’s awful! It’s turned!
I can’t bear to smell it! Make sure it’s burned!”
To the edge of the sink the pair carried the jug
And poured out the milk into Snuffles’ mug

As the two sat down wondering next what to do
George looked in the cupboard and found some glue
“Let’s glue Snuffles’ mug to the side of the sink
Then he’ll scream and shout and go find Link”
And then they decided they better be nice
For Santa was coming and he wouldn’t come twice

As the pair tried to scheme
They both turned to the right
It was Santa Claus!
Coming in from the night

He was wearing all black
Which they both felt was odd
Because they had not a chimney
This man was no god

But he brought them some dairy
Exactly what they did need
Pudding would happen
They would both get to feed

The milk how it flowed! The white in the dish!
Smurfy stirred round and round like a fish.

The cornstarch was added just at the right time
And the pudding was thickened without a bad rhyme

The butter, the sugar, the vanilla teaspoon
All of them mixed together so soon

But we cannot forget the best one of all
Cocoa, or it’s not chocolate pudding at all

The microwave hummed while George looked around
For bowls and Cling Wrap soon to be found

They carefully poured the hot pudding together
Pudding is the best no matter the weather

They spoke not a word but went straight to the fridge
And put in the puddings as Smurfy made a bridge

And closing the fridge door the bridge went kaboom!
And all of the stuffies got up from their room

They sprang to the tree, the boys were up too
And so much excitement was felt by the two

And I heard them exclaim as they opened the door
“Happy Pudding to all! And to me a lot more!