George was so excited he couldn’t stand to be, well, anywhere. It was like his clothes were on fire. He was dancing around and jumping up and down the stairs singing Christmas carols and hyperventilating.
“DECK THE HALLS with [breeeeeeathe] boughs of HAWL-EY [breeeeathe]”
He had tried to eat breakfast but instead he ate Smurfy’s business card (“If you can dream it, we can Smurf it”) and a glass of ketchup. Snuffles clothes-lined him as he headed to the bedroom in an effort to slow him down a little. But George just bounced off the floor and yelled, “no damage done!”
At bedtime George read Green Eggs and Ham while bouncing up and down on Kermit’s belly.
“Not in my HOWSSSE… You let me BEEEEE!”
Kermit couldn’t stand it so he tossed George onto the ceiling fan and George spun around and around until he was too dizzy to maintain his balance and flew off into the wall and onto the bed. The craziness of the day had wiped him out and he fell fast asleep on the penguins.


George likes that he looks upside down in this photo. He’d like you to think that he sleeps upside down magically.