George and the boys are bored. The Christmas cookie coma is gone and they now have energy to spare, but it’s too cold outside for snow football and there is not enough snow for sledding. So they decided to get busy with the scissors. The scissors were happy for the attention, having been neglected since the Christmas wrapping was finished. Hulky found some patterns online which took longer than necessary because he got distracted looking for pictures of himself in the new Avengers movie. Spidey found a big pile of paper in the cupboard and yelled out directions to George, who was in charge of the scissors because he comes the closest of any of the stuffies to actually having fingers.

I think they did a pretty good job but I won’t tell them that until they sweep up all the little bits of paper off the floor. Spidey and George are currently throwing the bits at each other and yelling, “Happy New Year!”

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