One fine day in mid some-tember

One George saw a well

He couldn’t see inside it

So he let out a yell


“HELLLLLLLO” he yelled and then looked in

And waited to hear back

When nothing happened he fell down

And landed with a SMACK!


“Oh dear, my head!” George said aloud

To no one who was there

But when he rose he saw a light

And paw of a big brown bear


“Get out of my cave!” yelled the bear

And George jumped back a yard

“Get out of MY cave!” George yelled back

And threw a rock real hard


The rock bounced off and hit the bear

Squarely on the butt

George knew he was in trouble now

And hid behind a nut


“Excuse me!” said a squirrel

And scared George once again

George used to laugh at silly squirrels

But this one was as big as ten!


“I’m so sorry,” George now pleaded

With both the squirrel and bear

Then suddenly bright lights came on

George was blinded by the glare


“Surprise!” his friends all yelled at once

“We knew you’d be a fool

All we had to do was wait

Until you lost your cool”


George knew he was a silly fool

And that his friends were right

But he didn’t care about all that

There would be cake tonight!