George ate a can of tuna using a spoon and a bottle of mayonnaise. He called it tumayofish and he says that’s copyrighted so if you eat it you need to give him a dollar. As soon as he finished his tuna he looked in the pantry for a box of Jell-O because he thought it would be good for dessert. He didn’t realize that Jell-O needs time to set so when he read the directions he got all fired up and threw the box on the floor, bursting it open, and tossing red powder all over the floor. It got all over Snuffles, who was scavenging through the bottom of the pantry for crackers. Polar bears love crackers, that’s why you see them going through dumpsters and leaning on tour buses in Northern Manitoba. Snuffles really likes Goldfish, both the plain ones and the pretzel ones. He’s hopelessly addicted to salt on crispy white flour.

George didn’t even notice Snuffles so he closed the pantry door and turned off the light, leaving the polar bear in the dark on the floor. He went straight to the freezer and started rummaging through the perogies looking for caramel sauce. George is not the best at knowing where things should be. “Owmoocheemow!” yelled George as he hit his head on the frozen peas and hopped out of the freezer covering in perogy flour dust.