Hulky and Cap have been watching entire seasons of Top Chef ever since George went to Vegas and claimed to have met Tom Colicchio. They put it on the TV in the kitchen so that they can practice their skills while watching. Hulky almost chopped off his hand with the new super-sharp knife but luckily for him he healed up right away and lucky for us he didn’t get any of his green blood in the potatoes. “No slicing while watching!” Cap yelled at him. While Hulky created fabulous smashed potatoes, Cap was making a stir-fry in his shield. “The bing-o the bang-o,” he yelled every time he threw something in. He threw in onions, broccoli, Rice Krispies, and Goldfish crackers. He added plum sauce and served the “vegetables” over macaroni. He tried making macaroni and cheese “deconstructed” so he threw a hunk of cheese on top of it all. Then he served it in baseball caps to all of the stuffies at the table. In the meantime, Snuffles made mocktails for everyone. He mixed cola with Jell-O and a bit of Cheez Whiz and served that to George, who promptly spat it out. He then served orange juice with tomato sauce and mashed banana to Kermit, who threw it back at him without tasting it. Cap’s stir-fry went over very well and everyone gave him top marks. Hulky’s smashed potatoes were gobbled up so fast that the judge stuffies forgot that he had cooked anything at all and sent him home. He smashed the judge’s table on the way out. Hmph.

2015-01-08 - Amy Cell Photos 160