George likes to watch CSI

And guess who is the bad guy


He doesn’t like Sarah

But Nick is so great

His real name is George

But for Greg he feels hate


What time is it on?

George will yell out

“Whooooo are you?”

He likes to shout


The guy in the morgue

Likes to wear a gown

If you’d like to see him

The elevator goes down


No one plays hockey

Anytime on the show

“What is hockey?”

Dumb Sarah doesn’t know


CSI takes place in Vegas

Where many tourists go

To gamble, shop, and eat a lot

Get into debt and go


The CSIs ask questions

That detectives should ask

But finding the killer

Is an arduous task


The show is really great

That’s why it has been on

For more than a dozen seasons

Watch it before it’s gone