Smurfy woke up covered in red spots. He decided to go to the doctor but no one would drive him so he had to take the bus. He trudged through the snow until he got to the bus stop but the bus didn’t see him; instead, it drove by and sprayed him with mucky dirty snow. The snow covered up the spots so when Smurfy looked down at his left leg, he assumed he was cured and walked back home. Unfortunately, the other stuffies had gone out and locked the doors. He looked under the doormat to find the spare key but he missed it, being too lazy to turn his head.

He sat on the step and started moping until he noticed a squirrel running along the fence and up the tree. “Aha!” he yelled and hopped up, falling down the two steps onto the bricks below. “Ouch! What was that?” he barked, scaring the bunny that had taken up residence under the nearby spruce tree. He brushed the dirty snow off his white Smurf pants and tried climbing the tree. He kept getting poked in the eye by the needles though so he had to close them. He kept climbing and climbing until he reached the top of the tree, high above the house. The tree rocked back and forth with Smurfy hanging on to the top getting seasick. He opened his eyes and looked over at the roof, counted to six, and jumped onto the peak. He slid down, down, down to the eavestrough, hanging on for a split second and then he fell back onto the step.

He lay on the step moaning and whining until Cap found him a few minutes later, on his way home from the mall. “Hey Smurfy, what are those spots on your face?” he asked and went inside.