“You put the lime in the cocoa pots and drink it all up,” George sang as he stirred the pudding and gently placed the bowl back in the microwave. He hit the START button and hopped over to the cupboard to get out four bowls. “One for me, one for me, one for me, one for me. Perfect.” He stirred the pudding again and then cut out four perfect squares of Cling Wrap for the top of each bowl. “You put the Cling Wrap on the pudding bowl and stir it all up,” he sang, “and there’s no skin on the pudding cup and Georgie is happy.” He’d lost the rhythm of the song and he knew it. He shook his head and poured the pudding into the bowls. Then he hopped into the bowl and licked it off. “Waste not, want not, that’s what I always say!” He put the pudding in the fridge and noticed a picture of himself stuck with a magnet to the door. “I really am handsome, aren’t I?” he asked the picture of himself. Then he ran back to his room and set his alarm for four hours away. “Time for a pudding nap,” he said and rolled onto the pillow.