When George woke up, he fell onto the floor. This was because he had fallen asleep on the door of the dishwasher and as soon as the adults got up, they tossed him to the floor to run the dishwasher. George didn’t realize that he was lucky he didn’t have to go through the wash cycle. Then he tried reading War and Peace but it fell on his head because his arms weren’t strong enough to hold it up. Then he tried to drive to Costco to buy a 48-pack of pudding but the driver’s seat wouldn’t move forward so he had to take the bus. The bus went by as he was walking to the bus stop so he gave up and went home. Then he thought he had a butterscotch pudding left in the fridge but it was gone. The boy had eaten it yesterday for a snack. Now he’s out for coffee, which he usually loves, but no one got him a drink and then when he wanted to listen to some tunes, he hooked up his headphones into the coffee cup. All he could hear was cardboard. Poor George. I think now he should just go home and watch CSI. Then he’ll know he doesn’t have it so bad after all.