Sunday I went to market

To buy myself a meal

But instead they gave me pork chops

Wrapped up with a seal


I took my food back home with me

And put it on the floor

Then I sat down beside it

Until my butt got sore


The pork was raw I knew that

But that’s not the whole story

When I went to the couch

A pig just sat there roaring


I picked up my little package

And noticed the small seal

Was lying there and barking

He would not be in my meal


Now I had no food to eat

Nothing for my tummy

And now two extra mouths to feed

I needed something yummy


I called up my friend Bobby Bob

He lives just down the street

He brought me a large pizza

And I sat down to eat


The pig picked up the seal

And sat down there beside me

We shared the pizza evenly

Split it into three


I wish that was the end

But now the pig lives here

The seal went away to school

To learn how to make beer


The pig just sighs and grins a lot

And watches Food TV

But don’t let him see the BBQ shows

Or he’ll throw things at me