Once upon a rhyme

A polar bear went hiking

He wore purple glasses

And acted like a mime


He used his hands to make a map

To ask me where to go

I told him to just follow me

But first he had a nap


I stood there looking dull

Waiting for him to wake

To pass the time I fed

A large and ugly gull


Lucky for me the bear arose

Because I was out of food

The gull had taken everything

It was now its turn to doze


The bear and I set off

Just after noon it seemed

The bear still silent, walking by

Miming about eavestrough


It turns out the bear’s a beast

At carpentry and contracting

He built me my new house

And now I have it leased


So next time you see a polar bear

Miming in the woods

Sit down and chat and stay a while

For his skills may be above fair