Hulky wants to write a poem
But he can’t find a rhyme
So he called his buddy Cap
But Cap doesn’t have the time

It’s hard for Optimus and Cap
To fill out their tax form
You see, there aren’t enough spaces
Their wealth isn’t the norm

Too many zeroes on the line
And Cap just gets a glitch
He turns the computer on and off
“This tax crap is a bitch!”

“Cap! That is not how we talk”
Hulky came to see him
Hulky likes proper language
But his poem was looking dim

He couldn’t rhyme anything
With perfect purple pants
So he started pounding at the wall
A classic Hulky rant

“Hulky! That is not how we act!”
Now Cap was the upset one
Optimus came to fix the friends
Arguing was not fun

So the three sat down for ice cream
And each one ate their fill
Optimus filed the tax return
And Cap paid the huge bill

They had to sell their restaurant
Because they forgot to pay their tax
But they still get to eat for free
And fill their bellies to the max