The stuffies have been glued to the TV all week watching The Brier on TSN. If you happen to see a stuffy not watching it on TV, then they are most likely at the Saddledome watching the games in person or in the backyard working on their own curling rink. Yesterday afternoon, Snuffles and Smurfy took the train downtown to watch the game after winning tickets on the radio. Smurfy had called in after hearing the question, “Which country won gold in men’s curling at the last Olympics?” He sneezed but the announcer thought he said “Canada” so he got the tickets.

Being a fashion conscious polar bear, Snuffles found himself wearing plaid pants and a hat that was knit to look like a curling rock. He’d seen Team Norway wear stylish pants in Sochi and figured they had the right idea. Smurfy thought that was tacky but really he was jealous because he can’t wear any other hat but his plain white one.

Neither of them knew who to cheer for because all the teams were from Canada so they just yelled, “Go rock!” every time they saw a rock slide down the ice. Smurfy couldn’t figure out why anyone would feel the need to sweep ice that wasn’t visibly dirty so he yelled, “put down the broom you clown!” every time they started sweeping. Snuffles thought the objective was to explode the other team’s stones so he figured all the teams lost, whereas Smurfy thought the goal was to send your rock down the ice as fast as possible and it annoyed him immensely to see the rocks slide slowly.

They thought that perhaps the games would go faster if either each curler threw two rocks at once or if they used both ends at the same time. They figured that the added challenge of navigating around rocks at each end would add to the fun. They also thought that making the rocks out of donuts or cotton candy would enable the players to have a snack now and then. Speaking of snacks, they quite enjoyed the snack bar and got themselves something after each end was completed. After ten ends they were stuffed and had to be rolled back to the train in order to get home.

George and Hulky have tickets for the semi-final game on Saturday and perhaps they will make better choices but I don’t have high hopes because the last time I saw George, he was packing a cooler full of pudding.