The stuffies were excited for April Fool’s Day. Rescue got up early and placed streamers back and forth across the doorway. As soon as the boy got up, he ran into the streamers and got bounced back onto his bed. Then Hulky jumped onto his face from the ceiling fan but the boy sneezed and blew Hulky to the window and onto the Lego pirate ship. Hulky was stuck in the pirate jail for the rest of the day for tearing down one of the sails. Rescue turned on the music to “Sugar” by Maroon 5 on repeat and it played a dozen times before anyone realized what was happening. Cap and Venom headed to the fridge where they replaced the orange juice with river water coloured with orange food colouring. No one fell for that though, they remembered last year’s trick when the pair switched all the cereal bags and the year before that when they put Dr. Pepper in the milk jug. The only one that wasn’t doing something crazy was George, who was afraid to lose his pudding privileges after turning the hot tub to ice last year. He just sat on the couch watching CSI. After all, it was April 2nd.