George was spending the morning in the garden, trying to decide what to plant this year. Snuffles was in the kitchen finishing off a jar of pickles and he yelled at George that pickles would be the best crop. George agreed and he mapped out where to put the rows of pickles. Then he hopped on his bike and rode to Home Depot to get some seeds. The greeter asked him if he needed help but George walked by and went to the garden centre and looked up and down the seed racks. There were plenty of seeds for flowers, tomatoes, peppers, and other vegetables, but no pickle seeds. An elderly woman with a wicker basket asked if she could help him.

“I need pickle seeds,” George told her.

“Oh, here they are,” she said and thrust a packet of cucumber seeds into his glove.

“These aren’t pickles, they’re cucumbers!” He yelled and threw the packet on the ground. “How dumb do you think I am?” he asked her.

The lady just sighed and walked away, muttering something about ‘kids these days’. George went home empty handed and found Snuffles with a pickle jar with just a bit of liquid and seeds floating around the bottom. He had an idea. He took the pickle jar and poured the juice and seeds into his little rows in the dirt. He sprayed water over the pickle juice and sat down on the grass to wait for the pickles to grow. Snuffles just laughed, put on his sunglasses and sat back in his lawn chair.