The stuffies were sitting in a circle on the floor discussing their bunny problem. The problem was a bunny that had been hanging around the front yard balling himself up to look like a rock (so they called him “The Rock”). The stuffies couldn’t stand The Rock because they’re very territorial, and they hate any animal that isn’t part of their club. They may look cute but they discriminate without apology.

“Bunnies are dumb,” Smurfy groaned.

“Yes we know, Smurf,” the rest of the stuffies groaned back, “let’s figure out how to get him out.”

“Hulky go out and smash him!” Hulky yelled out.

“He’ll just run away. He’s too fast,” Snuffles said, shaking his head, jealous of the bunny’s long hind legs. The stuffies sat in silence trying to figure out a solution. George passed pudding snacks around the circle.

“We’ll send out Kermit as a distraction while somebody else throws a bag over his head!” George exclaimed proudly.

“Yeah! Good idea!” The rest replied.

“Hulky go!”

“I’ll go too!” Optimus said, as he was the biggest other than Kermit but all Kermit ever did was complain about being green so he was put in as the distraction.

“It’s decided. The frog will distract The Rock while Hulky and Optimus put a bag over his head,” George said with a mouth full of pudding. The stuffies put the plan into action: they got a big garbage bag while Kermit practiced his lines. Finally the time came, as The Rock was now hanging out in his rock mode in the front yard. Kermit walked outside.

“Hello!” Kermit said. The Rock just stared at him.

“Boom!” George yelled impatiently from the doorway. That was the signal to attack, so Optimus and Hulky jumped on The Rock and wrestled him into the bag.

“We did it!” They all yelled. Optimus picked up the bag and threw it as far as he could, which was only into the neighbor’s yard, but the others didn’t notice. They were overjoyed. Stuffies 1, Bunny 0.

But that’s not what really happened. The stuffies told me to tell you that version of the story but you deserve to hear what really happened.

George had stepped outside, while the bunny was in his rock mode sitting in the yard.

“Hello!” George said. The Rock just stared.

“What are ya? Some kind of dandy?” This time The Rock stood up, and George backed away like a little chicken.

“Boom!” George yelled. What he didn’t think of was that this could scare The Rock, and it did. The Rock ran at George and smashed right into him. Then Hulky and Optimus started chasing The Rock around the yard, but they couldn’t run very fast and The Rock outran them very quickly.

“Ouch!” George cried as he stubbed his toe on a real rock.

“#@$%!” Hulky yelled.

“Language!” Cap said; he was sitting on the step watching this all unfold while eating a box of popsicles.

“Hmph!” Optimus said.

The next day, The Rock returned and the stuffies left him alone because he glared at them with one eye through the window, even while he was sleeping. The stuffies would only go outside when it was a bunny-free zone.