It’s Mother’s Day so the stuffies got up early to make breakfast. George remembered seeing Mom make pancakes so he thought he would start with those. Who doesn’t like pancakes? He found the eggs and milk in the fridge but couldn’t find the vanilla anywhere so he pulled out chocolate sauce instead. He couldn’t get to the flour so he used baking powder and salt. Everything went into the largest bowl he could find, which was Rescue’s water bowl. He poured everything in and started up the beaters, splattering egg shell and chocolate sauce all over the floor and the kitchen cabinets. When he turned on the frying pan, he burnt his hockey gloves and left his mess all over the kitchen and ran to the bathroom to cool off his gloves. Meanwhile, Snuffles and Nathan worked on the card. Snuffles had found a Cookie Monster card at the gas station so he bought it while he was buying batteries for his fur dryer. Nathan is the only one that knows how to write so he took all twelve pencils out of the cupboard and drew all over the inside of the card. Then he got caught up inside of it and started yelling for help. But no one came, they were too busy trying to clean up George’s mess by using Snuffles’ fur dryer.