Snuffles loves new pants
Covered in polka dot
He wears them as a scarf
But then he gets too hot

So he puts the pants up high
All clothes get put away
He puts them in a vacuum bag
Saved for another day

But then he gets too bored
And goes out to the mall
He takes Spee out with him
The two of them have a ball

Spee hates flowers
And girly purses too
But Snuffles loves to shop
It’s what he lives to do

Spee flowers

So if you’re at the mall
And you see Spee and a bear
Keep your wallet close
One may take it in a dare

Maybe take them out for lunch
Or buy them each some tea
Snuffles can be hard to take
Especially for Spee

He’s used to spinning webs
And flying off the wall
But he likes to shop and have some tea
With his favourite bear at the mall