The Penguins fancy Macbeth
Double double toil and trouble
They gather near the candy bowl
And blow a giant bubble

They knock each other down
To pop the giant bubble
But Alvin falls into the bowl
It was quite a funny fumble!

Is this a dagger?
I see before me?
Perchance to dream!
To be or not to be?

That’s not the right play!
The penguins yell at him
The last line is from Hamlet
When things were looking dim

Did Hamlet live? Alfie asked
His cheeks were bulging out
The candy poured from his mouth
For his greed there was no doubt

Of course he died, Alvin said
Your ignorance is crazy
Let’s get back to Macbeth
His wife is really lazy

She can’t sleep but she can’t kill
The king asleep in bed
And so she makes him do it
Puts ideas in his head

And now things have turned
People sad and crying
The body count is getting up
Even his wife is dying

The morale of the story
Alvin tells his friend
Is don’t eat all the candy
Or your life will soon end