George ran around outside
In his big backyard
He was looking for his pickles
But it was really hard

He looked out in the garden
Around the side and back
But all he could see was one thing
Big and menacing and black

He hadn’t heard the news
When it was really hot
The boy couldn’t sleep
His bed was like a boiling pot

So the family got A/C
Had the plumber put it in
But they hadn’t told George
They’d put his garden in the bin

George freaked out when he went out
Then he got really mad
His pickle garden forever gone
He was super sad

He sat down on his little butt
And stared at the big thing
The only thing that could help George
Was a big bowl of pudding

Mum had thought of this already
She knew that George would cry
So she made him his very own
Chocolate pudding pie

George dried his tears and came inside
The pudding couldn’t wait
And then he looked into the fridge
Not one pickle, but eight!

He could have pickles anytime
If he opened up the jar
Who knew it was this easy?
He never had to go far

So now he sits upon the couch
With the boy and his mother
A pickle in one hand
A pudding spoon in the other