You might have heard the news
Of the Calgary Stampede
A carnival and chuckwagons
And cowboys that may bleed

Tomorrow is the big parade
It’s the first thing in the fair
The bands will play, the horses poop,
The clowns with crazy hair

The stuffies get there early
To get spots on the street
They pack a bag with cereal
And lots of chips to eat

When the big parade is over
They’ll head down for the show
They cheer for the chuckwagons
On your mark, get set, go!

The stuffies also love the rides
And pizza on a stick
They eat so much before the rides
That most of them get sick

But as fun as all the rides are
It’s the rodeo they love
Bucking sheep and guys on horses
And a helicopter from above

They love to see the animals
Working hard throughout the day
They walk around with candy
And sit on bales of hay

So if you’re at the Stampede grounds
And you see a stuffy or two
Say hi and wave and give them treats
They may share their loot with you