George had pancakes for breakfast yesterday. And the day before that, and the day before that. But that didn’t stop him from driving across the city this morning to go to another Stampede breakfast in the mall parking lot and wait in line for pancakes and orange juice. Halfway through the line, George decided that he needed to go see the band so he hopped out of line and sat down on a bale of hay in front of the stage. Suddenly the bale of hay started sneezing.

“Achoo!” it jumped.

George jumped up and stared at the hay bale. “What are you?”

“I’m a bale of hay, here for the Stampede, and now people are sitting on me as if I’m a bench!”

“You should stand up and move around then,” George told him. So the hay bale stood up, put a bandana around itself and walked away. Then George saw it get lassoed by the police on horseback.

George turned back around but his foot was stuck in a puddle of syrup and he fell over on his face. George cried, and eventually his tears diluted the syrup enough that he could get his foot free so he walked away and found a spot on the curb and put his feet in a mud puddle.


The band started playing and it was really loud. The hay bale was moving its mouth but George couldn’t hear anything it was saying. Then it walked away, dancing around until someone tossed it in the back of a pick-up truck. George listened to the band and cheered loudly when they were done. Then he remembered how hungry he was and went back to the pancake lines. He walked past the first line, which was way longer than the others so he walked past it yelling, “suckers!”. Then he found a short line-up that seemed to be moving faster than the others so he hopped in it but then he got run over by a family with a huge wagon. Luckily one of the babies in the wagon picked him up and put him back in line after realizing that she couldn’t play with his hair.


After he got his pancakes, he waited in line for syrup and butter and then for eggs. He discovered later that the eggs were cooked in plastic bags put in giant buckets of hot water. Hmmm. He wasn’t sure they were real eggs so he made a note to talk to a chicken at the petting zoo area but he got distracted by the pony ride so he never found a chicken. After breakfast George rubbed his belly and spent 2 hours trying to find the car, which he remembered parking “in the empty part of the lot by the concrete thing beside the van”.