George heard Grandma say that children should be “seen and not heard” so he put his gloves over his ears and stomped around the house banging on pots and pans. Grandma turned off her hearing aids and put George in a cardboard box outside on the patio. Meanwhile, Smurfy and Jack were in the garden counting lettuce leaves and trying to figure out how to extract nectar from them to sell to people on the street as a health elixir.


George was punching and karate-chopping the sides of the box yelling, “Let me out!!” when a shadow came over him. “What are you doing?” Smurfy snorted as he looked down at George. “I’m trying to get out of this stupid box!” George yelled back in exasperation without looking up. “Want me to get you out? We could use your help. Jack can only count to four.”


George crossed his arms and sulked. “Fine.” Smurfy tipped the box over and dumped George out, head first, on to the concrete. Then the two of them went back to the garden but they couldn’t see Jack anywhere. George started pulling out the lettuce leaves yelling, “One, five, three, eight, seventeen,” and so on while Smurfy tried unsuccessfully to squeeze nectar out of them. Now the lettuce was all over the grass and the pig was still missing. George and Smurfy decided to walk back to the house when they heard, “Pigs don’t need blankets!” as Jack burst out of a pile of lettuce leaves and ran ahead of them. George fell down on the lettuce while Smurfy saw nothing because he was looking the other way.

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