George is in the garden
Eating all the fruit
Then his stomach started rumbling
And he began to toot

His little bum was yelling
For him to start a fast
But Georgie wouldn’t listen
While tons of air was passed

First it was the kiwis
And then the nectarines
He ate enough of fruit
To feed all the Marines

George tooted out so much
He bounced along the grass
He bounced right into Snuffles
The enormous polar mass

Snuffles yelled and screamed at him
To bounce out of the way
But George couldn’t control himself
He bounced throughout the day

He bonked the house, he hit the fence
He couldn’t stop the toots
Until he’d finished eating
And digesting all the fruits

The morale of the story
Is fruit is a tasty treat
But don’t eat it all at once
Or it might sting your seat

This poem was inspired by Johnny Karate on NBC’s Parks and Recreation.