Oh George he had that feeling
He knew that he would barf
So he reached into Mum’s drawer
And pulled out her favourite scarf

He wrapped the scarf around and round
He made a nice soft bowl
But as he found out when he barfed
That bowl had a big hole!

Poor George now he was covered
In bits of food and drink
He tried to hobble over
And wash off in the sink

But we all know puke is slippery
George fell down on his butt
Now he was covered head to toe
In product from his gut

By the time he made it to the sink
He’d ralphed on the big chair
It even got his helmet
Now George growled like a bear

Mum had to put George in the wash
He stunk like an old mutt
When George was dry and clean again
He had a big hole in his butt!

So now George is a lollipop
Carried on a stick
But he’s not sweet or colourful
So don’t give him a lick!

So if you see George on the stick
Please wave and yell out “Hi!”
For George likes to think he’s famous
He’s kind of a vain guy