I’m going on a train
Because I’m not a plane
Don’t put me in the sky
I don’t like butterflies

The train will move around
But it won’t make a sound
Just going on the track
And I hear we get a snack

The lady comes to me
And brings me lots of tea
She speaks to me in French
While I sit on my bench

Next time I’ll walk to France
Cause I might wet my pants
You see I hate to shake
Back and forth like a snake

I look up at the sky
As clouds go whooshing by
But the ground is grassy green
Same stuff I’ve always seen

I really have to pee
But then I look and see
The bathroom’s far away
This train is not okay

I should get up and go
Before I overflow
But I’ll just take the chance
Of going in my pants

The ground it is so flat
Like one big giant mat
I see some houses now
And one big grazing cow

Are we in Paris yet
Next time I’ll take a jet
Even though I hate to fly
I’ll give it one more try

George made it to Paris and got himself a croissant and a chocolat chaud and then he was fine and ready to hop on the Metro to check out the Eiffel Tower (which he tried to climb).