Chip was born on a Tuesday
In the middle of the day
His teeth came out first
And his Mum was not okay

She was an octopus
And had never seen a beaver
So this was a surprise
And Dad got up to leave her

But then he looked at Chip
And decided he should stay
Chip smiled and ate the wall
So they moved to Hudson Bay

Chip loved to live beside the bay
And chew down all the trees
The other beavers loved him
As much as they love cheese

Chip built dams all over town
The mayor he got mad
“You can’t keep chewing buildings, Chip,
You’re really very bad.”

Poor Chip he had to move again
This time to a big zoo
The keepers brought him lots of wood
And a giant tube of glue

Well, Chip got pretty famous
Making sculptures out of wood
The zoo they couldn’t handle him
So he moved away for good

He found his home with artists
Creating many things
Now he sells his sculptures
To princes and to kings

If you want to go see Chip
Just go to the museum
Bring him a log or some big sticks
And then you just might see him